Tracking and controlling your car from smartphone is couple of fingertip away now.

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Real Time Tracking

“TrackersBD” tracking platform provide facility to customer real time track their vehicle on several kind map such as Google, Baing, Here, Open street map. Here we ensure best tracking experience with vehicle speed, engine status, engine hour, GSM, Battery status, location address etc.

24/7 Call Center Support

We have won 24 hours customer support call center. For any kind of information or problem related issue customer can call directly to our central number 01844181818. Also customer can knock us through Email,SMS,  IMO, Skype, Face book Messenger, Whatsapp, Veber.

IOS/Android Apps & Web Platform

“TrackersBD” has won and several service partners our won name branding IOS and Android app and web platform with all latest features. We have several options because we think about customer satisfaction and fulfill customer demand.

Push Notification on Apps and Web platform Event Alert

Real time pushes notification facility is available on our android/IOS app with web platform event alert. Through this push notification customer found several type alert to their mobile apps and event alert on web platform such  as Geofance in/out, Over Speed, Power Cut, engine on/off alert etc.

Free Email & SMS Notification

For maximum safety we have free email and SMS notification service. Through this service “TrackersBD” sent different real-time notification to customer email address and cell no such as Over Speed, Power Cut, engine on/off alert etc.  In Bangladesh, we are the only company who provide free Email & SMS notifications service.

Real-time Engine Status

Easily find out your vehicle real time engine status through our apps & platform that is on or off? This feature help you find how many time your vehicle engine on/off, total engine run hour & location details where vehicle engine on/off.

Engine On/Off Alert

You will gate real-time vehicle engine On/Off alert through our Apps, Email and free SMS alert system. If anyone start your vehicle without your permission, instantly you know that through this service.

Remote Engine Control

This feature helps you control your vehicle engine through our mobile apps, web platform and SMS service. If anyone try to use your vehicle illegally, then you can turn off your vehicle engine anytime from anywhere in the world.

History playback

This feature (apps and web) helps you to see your vehicle previous movement road history and can playback through animation. Here also you found several events, every event show you where your vehicle on/off, how many time need to go one place to another, how many kilometer run that particle time.

History Data Backup

We give you 6-12 month vehicle movement data backup facility for your every vehicle.  By use this facility you can check your vehicle mileage history, speed violation history, day wise how many kilometer run, engine on/off report etc. You can easily export this all kind report to excel, HTL, PDF format.

Different Type Report

We provide our customer several type reports such as day wise travel details, how many times cross speed limit, geofance in/out details, engine hours run details etc.

Schedule Email Report

This is unique report system by which customer can found his vehicle daily details report to his email address through email service. Every day our server sent this report as per customer set report time.

2 Years Warranty

“TrackersBD” give 02 years replacement warranty our all kind tracking device. Except physically damage and burn issue we give new device as a replacement.

Wide Voltage Range

Our GPS tracker support 8v to 90v. For that device support all kind of vehicle which run on battery. Big to small all vehicle such as bus, truck, lorry, CNG, all kind of private car etc

Google Street view

In our web platform and service partner branding apps customer found Google street facility. Through this service customer can see specific area road picture where her vehicle actually going.

Live Traffic Update

By use this feature you easily know your destination road traffic jam status. You can choose different road and can save your valuable time. You can found this facility in our apps and web platform.

Location Sharing

By use this feature you can share you vehicle location for specific time period with any other person such as your friend and family member. Here they don’t need login to your account and any password, just share a link, by click there they can see your vehicle location. This feature is very helpful for product delivery related business customer.

Geofence Alert

You can enjoy unlimited Geo-Fence alert facility in our tracking platform. When you set any geofence area you found notification through our mobile apps push notification and web platform event alert when your vehicle enters or leaves marked boundaries.

Speed Alert

You will get instant speed alert of your vehicle when vehicle cross speed limit. Through this you can control your driver behavior and reduce unexpected over speed accident.

Voice Monitoring

Our GPS tracker tracking device has Built-in microphone. By use this you can also capture voice simultaneously so that you can find out what’s in the inside of your car.

Vibration Alert

In parking place or night time if anybody touch your vehicle you found instant vibration alert. This feature prevent you vehicle stolen. This alert available on mobile app and web platform.

Low Battery & Power Cut Alert

In our racking platform you found instant low battery and power cut alert through apps push notification and web event alert. Vehicle woner easily knows if someone unplugs the battery from his vehicle.

Built-in Battery Backup

Our every device has built-in battery backup. When vehicle power off and device go sleep mode, then device run through built-in battery. It’s also helpful to sent notification when someone disconnect the device from vehicle main line. Because that time device run his won power.

Vehicle Battery protection & Low battery alert

When your vehicle is laid-up, our tracking device never drains out of the battery of your vehicle for optimal protection. Because that time device will stop charging from the car battery and run on its own battery.

Low Monthly Fee and Discount

In Bangladesh we offer lowest monthly fee for best tracking service experience.  We also give discount on advance monthly fee payment.

POI & Tools

With Points of Interest (POI) tool you can add markers at the locations, such as: gas station, a hotel, a restaurant, etc. Also, you can name the place and add description. You can also use tools for calculating distances between places on the map.

Powerful Tracking Platform

TrackersBD tracking platform is built with advanced GPS technology for user-friendly, comprehensive reporting system and various mapping facilities. Our platform capable provides more accurate tracking data through our installation device by using satellite GPS, our own reliable advance configuration server & GSM communication. As per your business demand through our tracking platform you will found vehicle real-time location, engine on/off status, over speed alert, mileage information, idle time, fuel level status etc.

  • Tracking thousand vehicle in one platform
  • Update all vehicle information without any delay
  • Instant SMS and email alert facility from server
  • Server update 99.99%

Simple & Easy to Use Vehicle Tracking Software

Our mobile apps and web platform is very user-friendly.  After receiving our service when customer found some exciting feature they are really pleased about our service such as different pop-up notification, real-time location update, easily generate different report and  manage several vehicle in one app.

  • Real Time Tracking
  • Real-time notifications
  • Geofencing
  • Auto email alert
  • Mobile Apps ( IOS & Android)
  • Vehicle engine control

The advantage of using vehicle tracking

TrackersBD Tracking System is suitable for owners of individual, small, medium and large size business vehicles. Our advanced field management system is versatile and responsive enough to meet your needs as your business grows. Whatever you’re up-source, this tracking system ensures your best output.

  • Monitor all vehicles simultaneously
  • Customizable alerts
  • Animated history playback
  • 24/7 Call center support facility
  • 365 days history Data Backup
  • Fuel consumption data
  • Different report for analysis
How trackersbd works

How trackersbd works




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