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TrackersBD® Services Area

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Being an owner or a feet manager of a transportation company, you must be aware that customer service and feet efficiency result in the financial success of your service delivery.

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Heavy Vehicle Tracking

TrackersBD offers tailored solutions to address the unique requirements of the Heavy Duty Sectors like Agriculture,Construction, Fork Lifts, Fuel and Chemical, Mining, Tippers, Yellow Equipment and more.

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Work Force Tracking

Work Force Tracking

TrackersBD personalized tracking solution provides enhanced tracking facility for out of office workers. It could be your sales force, security guards, merchandisers, construction workers or anyone working out of office.

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Cargo/ Container Tracking

Cargo / Container Tracking

Our intelligent cargo / container tracking solutions can improve asset visibility. They have an extended battery life for periods without an external power source. Its rapid deployable feature makes it ideal for tracking cargo / containers.

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