Concox OBD22 – With Voice

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Concox OBD22 GPS OBD tracker is compatible with most vehicles on the markets. With the built-in switching power supply, our OB22 plug & play OBD GPS tracker supports wide voltage input range: 9-36V.

Our OB22 supports both GPS and LBS positioning. The accuracy of GPS is less than 10m, while LBS accuracy is less than 500m.

Concox  OBD22 has standard interface, it is very easy to install. If someone plugs OB22 out, it will send an alarm message to your phone or platform.

Most vehicle OBD interface ports are under the steering wheel, especially in A area and B area. Just plugs in the port and it works, no need wire installation.

Our OB22 GPS OBD tracker is very small and light, we can hold it in one hand. Also, it is easy to be hidden and provides invisible safe. If there is an abnormality in the vehicle, it will trigger alarm without emitting any sound or light.

Our OB22 GPS OBD tracker can be integrated into our GPS tracking system Tracksoild, and realize real-time tracking, history route playback, geofence violation, etc.


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