TrackersBD E-lock

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TrackersBD E-lock, alarm Security Lock function Introduction:
** Two Way Alarm
when TrackersBD E-lock motorcycle alarm security lock shock sensor was triggered ,the speaker will sound and also the remote control will vibrate and sound to reminder the owner.
** Alarm auto Lock /Unlock
— When you leave the motorcycle for 5 meters ,about 5s it will lock automatically .
— when you are within 5 Meters of motorcycle ,then insert the motorcycle key and touch the motorcycle ,the turn signal will flash twice to inform you the it has been unlocked automatically .
–Silent Mode /Sound Mode could be Switched , the speakers could be silent , only the remote control alarm.
–With Hidden Lock , when this function is opened ,motorcycle cannot be drives without remote control.
–TrackersBD E-lock Max 200m , Long Distance to Monitor the motorcycle.


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