Why Do We Need GPS

Why Do We Need GPS Tracker

What is Global Positioning System (GPS)?

GPS full meaning “Global Positioning System” . This is a navigation system that is operate using a satellite radio communication system. It’s also called the global navigation satellite systems or GNSS.

Previously Navstar GPS, the system is owned by government of the United States of America and operated by the United States Space Force.

Its main function is to send the geo-location and time information to any GPS receiver around the world.

The receiver can request this information without having the user to transmit any data themselves, making it one of the most convenient tools to use as a navigation aid.

How does GPS work?

A GPS receiver has tons of different metrics and calculations that it uses to find out your position in the world.

In layman’s terms, the receiver calculates your position in four dimensions in space-time. It calculates this information using the data that it receives from multiple satellites in orbit.

To calculate time, satellites work on an exceptionally stable atomic clock synchronized with each other.

If there even is any kind of drift, the error is corrected every single minute. The GPS receivers also have their own clocks, but they are less stable and precise in the long run.

Why Should We Use GPS?

GPS is a great invention that many people use to get around the world. Without GPS, we would not have any advancements in many fields.

Here are just some of the reasons why we should employ GPS in our day to day life,

Farming: GPS is exceptionally adept at figuring out the weather and soil conditions of an area. Using advanced telemetry, you can easily figure out how to farm your plants and crops using GPS.

Finding out location: Finding out the location of something or someone was impossible back in the early days. Now it is extremely easy to find out someone’s geo-location with the help of GPS.

Tracking Vehicles: With the help of GPS, we can easily look up the location of a vehicle, be it a truck, car or motorbike. This way, vehicles are kept safe since they can be tracked using GPS like it was in the palm of your hand.

Mapping: GPS is a blessing for cartographers because they can use the satellite cameras to easily figure out any area and map it for future generations to come.


All in all, GPS is a tremendously useful tool that has many uses in our day to day life. If GPS had not been invented we would be lost on Earth. With many uses in technological, navigational, scientific etc. fields, it is one of the golden wonders of modern science.

Best Vehicle Tracking

Best Vehicle Tracking System in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is achieving significant economic growth every year. As a result, the standard of living of the people of Bangladesh is increasing. At the same time, our daily demand is increasing. Vehicles are becoming an essential part of our daily lives. At present, our country’s large industrial enterprises are purchasing vehicles to accelerate and enrich their business ecosystems. People are buying cars or bikes of their choice according to their ability to make their daily life easy, beautiful, and enjoyable. In the last few years, the purchase of cars or bikes in our country has increased at a significant rate.

According to The Daily Star, the total number of vehicles registered in our country till February 2021 is 4,471,625 (BRTA Database), out of which 370,519 are private cars or bikes. With so many vehicles being purchased, their security problems are on the rise. According to Knoema, Bangladesh’s private car theft rate was 0.8 cases per 100,000 population in 2006, unchanged from the previous year.

Best Vehicle Tracking System in Bangladesh:

Today we will discuss the best vehicle tracking systems companies in Bangladesh. Those who are constantly providing security to a part of our country’s vehicles through their services.

Vehicle tracking company “TrackersBD” started it’s journey in 2015 with the theme “Providing Safety for People’s Dream Cars”. This company has been meeting the needs of buyers since the beginning of the journey. The main goal of TrackersBD is to provide maximum benefits to the customer. TrackersBD has been working toward that goal for the past seven years. In this journey they has been associated with big commercial car sales companies in Bangladesh, such as RANGS, RANCON, etc. These commercial organizations provide vehicle tracking services to their huge customer base through TrackersBD. Currently, TrackersBD is one of the leading car tracking companies in Bangladesh, which is quite popular among both corporate and consumer segments.

This vehicle tracking service provider has become popular to the customers in a very short time for their best service. TrackersBD is a vehicle tracking company licensed by the BTRC (Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission). TrackersBD is operated by it’s skilled technicians. They take action very quickly if any problem occur. All other vehicle tracking agencies take 7 to 15 days to resolve any technical issues. TrackersBD can solve any technical problem in just 24 to 48 hours. All other vehicle tracking companies charge for resolving any technical issues but TrackersBD solves all kinds of technical problems (within the Dhaka metropolitan area) without any service charge.

They offer more guarantees and warranty support on their tracking devices than any other vehicle tracking company in Bangladesh. As a result, consumers are more likely to install TrackersBD devices on their vehicles. They offers the best guarantee and warranty policy in the country due to their good quality devices because they imports their devices from the world’s best device manufacturing companies such as Concox, Teletonica, SeaWorld, etc. TrackersBD uses paid servers and paid Google Maps services so that customers can know the exact location of the vehicle in a matter of moments.

This vehicle tracking believes in the best user experience for every customer, so they created their app with the help of their sister concern company, “PixelNet Technology”. Through this, all the customers of this company will be able to enjoy the benefits of GPS vehicle tracking service. To get all these benefits, the customer has to install the TrackersBD GPS device in their car and pay a monthly subscription fee. The reason for paying the monthly subscription fee is that, this is a service provider which recognized by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

This service provider pays a fixed rate of VAT and tax to the government of Bangladesh every year. Customers are benefiting in two ways by paying this monthly subscription fee. First, consumers can be a direct partner in Bangladesh’s economic development by paying taxes. Second, the government can obtain services from approved appropriate car tracking companies.

Deshratna Jannetri Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of Bangabandhu, the father of the Bengali nation, is working to build Digital Bangladesh. With the touch of information and technology, this dream has come true in all kinds of workplaces. Providing car safety through information and technology is just one part of that dream.

TrackersBD is proud to be a part of this dream of building a digital Bangladesh. At present, many unlicensed vehicle tracking companies have emerged in Bangladesh. So, the customer has to knowingly install a GPS vehicle tracking device in his car so that he is not deceived in the future. TrackersBD puts the safety of the customer’s car in the customer’s own hands. In my opinion, TrackersBD is one of the best car tracking companies in Bangladesh.

BikeBD tracking partner

TrackersBD is BikeBD’s new tracking partner!

Putting 2021 behind us, we would like to thank each of you for continuing to support and follow our page. Today we would like to introduce our new media partner, that is BikeBD. BikeBD’s new tracking partner of TrackersBD.

On December 29, 2021, both BikeBD and TrackersBD entered into a one-year contract. Trackers BD will be BikeBD’s one year tracking partner.


Suvro Sen founder & CEO, Wasif Anower, Chief Operating Officer from BikeBD, and Nahid Bhuiyan, Chairman & CEO of Trackers BD was present at the MOU signing ceremony.

TrackersBD is vehicle tracking service provider in Bangladesh started at 2015. Nahid Bhuiyan is the Chairman & CEO of Trackers BD. TrackersBD always try to provide best tracking service and enhance your valuable vehicle security. Special thanks to BikeBD for introducing us. That is-