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“GPS tracking service” it’s not only a service ! It’s a great material which can reduce human anxiety & giving a peace of mind about assets. GPS tracking service is a complete monitoring system which help you to collect vehicle different data, location information and also visualize on MAP. This service suitable for.

Why TrackersBD is best GPS tracking service ?

We believe that, our tracking platform is more powerful, easy-to-use and user-friendly in market place. We have several features in our tracking system. So we can fill up customer any demand what they want? Our main vision provides best tracking service to the customer at the most reasonable price in Bangladesh market. Below we show “TRACKERSBD” tracking platform some feature:

The "TrackersBD" tracking platform allows the customer to track their vehicle in real time such as Google, Being, Here, Open Street Map. Here we ensure the best tracking experience with vehicle speed, engine status, engine hours, GSM, battery status, location address, etc.

We have won 24/7 hour customer support call center. Customers can call our central number 01844-181818 directly for any kind of information or problem related issues. Customers can also knock through our email, sms, IMO, skype, facebook messenger, whatsapp, viber.

"TrackersBD" has its own and several service partners, web platforms with our own name branding iOS and Android applications and all the latest features. We have several options because we think about customer satisfaction and meet customer needs.

Real time push notifications are available on our Android / iOS app with web platform event alerts. Through this push notification, customers can find different types of alerts in their mobile apps and event alerts on web platforms such as geofence in / out, over speed, power cut, engine on / off alert etc.

We have free email and SMS notification services for maximum security. Through this service "TrackersBD" sends various real-time notifications to the customer's email address and cell numbers such as over speed, power cut, engine on / off alert etc. In Bangladesh, we are the only company providing free email and SMS notification services.

Easily find out the status of your car's real-time engine through our apps and platforms, on or off? This feature allows you to find out the total time your car's engine is turned on / off, the total engine running time and the location where the car's engine is on / off.

Easily find out your vehicle real time engine status through our apps & platform that is on or off? This feature help you find how many time your vehicle engine on/off, total engine run hour & location details where vehicle engine on/off.

This feature helps you control your car's engine through our mobile apps, web platforms and SMS services. If someone tries to use your car illegally, you can turn off your car's engine at any time from anywhere in the world.

This feature (apps and web) helps you to see your vehicle previous movement road history and can playback through animation. Here also you found several events, every event show you where your vehicle on/off, how many time need to go one place to another, how many kilometer run that particle time.


We offer you 6-12 months of vehicle data backup facility for each of your vehicles. Using this feature you can check your car's mileage history, speed violation history, how many kilometers run per day, engine on / off report etc.

It is a unique reporting system through which the customer can find the daily details of his vehicle at his email address through the email service. Every day our server sends this report according to the client set report time.

We provide our customer several type reports such as day wise travel details, how many times cross speed limit, geofance in/out details, engine hours run details etc.

"TrackersBD" gives 01-10 year replacement warranty on all types of tracking devices. We offer new devices as replacements without physical damage and burn problems.

Our GPS tracker support 8v to 90v. For that device support all kind of vehicle which run on battery. Big to small all vehicle such as bus, truck, lorry, CNG, all kind of private car etc

Customers have benefited from Google Street on our web platform and service partner branding apps. With this service the customer can see the street pictures of the specific area where his car is actually going.

Using this feature you can easily know the status of your destination road traffic jam. You can choose different routes and save your precious time. You can get this feature in our apps and web platforms.

Using this feature you can share the location of your car with your friends and family members for a specific period of time. Here they do not need to login to your account and no password, just share a link, by clicking there they can see the location of your car. This feature is very helpful for business customers related to product delivery.

You can enjoy unlimited geo-fence alert facility on our tracking platform. When you set a geofence area you find notifications through our mobile apps and alert your platform event when your car enters or leaves the marked boundary.

If you exceed the speed limit, you will receive an instant speed alert for your vehicle. This allows you to control your driver's behavior and reduce unexpected speeding accidents.

Our GPS tracker tracking device has a built-in microphone. Using it you can simultaneously capture voice so you know what’s inside your car.

If someone touches your car in the parking lot or at night, you get an immediate vibration alert. This feature prevents you from stealing cars. This alert is available on mobile apps and web platforms.

On our ranking platform you get instant low battery and power cut alerts through apps push notifications and web event alerts. The vehicle winner easily knows that someone unplugs the battery from his car.

Each of our devices has a built-in battery backup. When the car's power is off and the device goes into sleep mode, the device runs on the built-in battery. It is also helpful to send a notification when someone disconnects the device from the main line of the vehicle. Because at that time the machine runs on its own power.

In Bangladesh we offer lowest monthly fee for best tracking service experience.  We also give discount on advance monthly fee payment.

With the Point of Interest (POI) tool, you can add markers to locations, such as: gas stations, hotels, restaurants, etc. Also, you can name the place and add descriptions. You can also use tools to calculate distances between places on the map.

Our support team ensures that every purchase across the country completes the fast delivery process. Our device installation process is very simple. Our technical support team is always ready to provide technical support. We need 25-45 minutes to install GPS tracker device at any of our service points.

Over all “GPS Tracking Service” is very important in our daily life. By use this service we can simplify any major issue.

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