TrackersBD Dashcam | JC400P Edge Cam 2

TrackersBD Dashcam JC400P cloud-capable EdgeCam 2 comes with a 1080P front camera that records everything on the road and in the cabin. The JC400P 4G dashcam enables you to get a more complete view of the situation in case of an accident or emergency, day or night.

Driving Behavior Monitoring
Leveraging data on your driving behavior, including harsh acceleration, harsh braking, and extreme cornering will help reduce your fleet’s accident rate and improve fuel economy.

Highly Integrated Design
Featuring the classic dual-camera design with simultaneous recording, the JC400P keeps an eye on the road ahead and the driver’s cabin using high-definition cameras that produce a crystal-clear image. The tamer-proof lock allows you to ensure that the SIM and TF cards cannot be removed, ensuring that your device and vehicle remain safety and consistently in operation. Finally, the easy installation means you will not have to fork out a lot of cash for expensive professional installations.

Event Video to Cloud
In the event of a serious accident, collision or improper driving behavior, the video will be automatically transmitted to the cloud. With a 4G connection, you can get faster data speeds and larger network coverage, allowing you to respond or take action immediately.

Panic Button
In the event of an accident or other emergency, pressing of the panic SOS helps the driver by calling a pre-set SOS number and flagging important video footage for review. The external SOS button can be installed within easy reach for quick activation, giving added piece of mind to all.

Other More Feature

  • 4G+WIFI
  • HD Video Resolution
  • Locked SIM/ SD Card Design
  • GPS Tracking
  • 2x Cameras
  • G-Force Sensor

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